About SUP

About SUP

서울새활용플라자 전경

The Seoul Upcycling Plaza, since its opening on September 5, 2017, is the world’s largest upcycling cultural complex space, where visitors can observe, learn, and experience everything regarding upcycling. Based on “Resource-Recycling Seoul Vision 2030”, the plaza aims to raise environmental, social, and economic awareness of upcycling and to establish an environment for upcycling-based industries.

Seoul Upcycling Plaza is a futuristic, high-value industry cultivating the upcycling industry, as well as taking a citizen-friendly approach, raising awareness on upcycling in entertaining ways through experiential education and exhibitions. The plaza shall operate as a hub to expand the culture of upcycling, offering a bright future as one of Seoul’s unique and entertaining tourist attraction.

Seoul Upcycling Plaza operates through citizens’ participation of a healthy, valuable circulation of production, manufacturing, and consumption in daily lives. Through various educational programs - workshops, performances, exhibitions, etc. – citizens creates their new lifestyle choices.

  • Location : Jadongchasijang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
  • Main Area : Total Building Area 16.540m² (B2 - 5F)
  • Established : 03.31.2017
  • Opening : 09.05.2017

Seoul’s Vision, Completing the 2030 Seoul Resource Recycling Ecosystem

Seoul Upcycling Plaza, 100% upcycling-centered vision
Seoul Upcycling Plaza, upcycling lifestyle campus where citizens cooperate

Seoul Vision 2030
Establishing a resource recycling ecosystem
Seoul Upcycling Plaza’s Vision
100% upcycling-centered world
Seoul Upcycling Plaza’s Role
An upcycling lifestyle campus involving citizens
  1. 1.Upcycling experiential education to promote a strong cycle
  2. 2.Balanced production, participatory manufacturing, wise consumption
  3. 3.Citizen involved movements to promote upcycling
  • Clothing

  • +
  • Food

  • +
  • Housing

  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Community
  • Distribution
  • Resource

    Specialized institutions
    providing resource
    Network collaborations

  • Design

    lifestyle designs

  • Production

    Residential studios
    Expanding exhibitions
    & educational programs

  • Clinic

    Creating new
    business and jobs
    (operating clinics
    per product)

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