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4th TRASH REFRESH : where, what will we meet again?

SUP Gallery 1F
09.05.2018~12.30.2018 / 10:00~18:00 (Closed Every Monday)
Number of Pieces
Approximately 30 pieces
Participating Artists
O Seho, Desi Architect, Um Along, Craft Combine, Daerim-dong Project, NNR, etc.
Admission Fee
Hosted/Sponsored by
Seoul Design Foundation / Seoul Upcycling Plaza

This exhibition reflects Seoul Upcycling Plaza’s purpose, which is promoting upcycling ecosystem’s healthy structure, scale, and diversity;
various individuals within the upcycling ecosystem participated in this exhibition including citizens, designers, craftsmen, architects, artists, and more.

First, we must know how and where waste comes from.
Then, we need to consider what these waste can transform into.
We have to think of a fundamental plan to address the vicious cycle of mass production, mass consumption, and mass waste.
Transforming mass waste into mass resources, the idea of transformation through upcycling must become the guiding principle of the 21st century.

The [TRASH REFRESH: Where, what will we meet again?] exhibition, hosted in celebration of SUP’s one year anniversary, SUP hopes exhibition participants and its visitors will share SUP’s philosophy, aesthetics, and the community mindset of upcycling ecosystem.

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