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    What is there for citizens to enjoy at the Seoul Upcycling Plaza?
    The Seoul Upcycling Plaza is a cultural space where one can learn about upcycling and enjoy exhibitions.
    - Exhibitions: Exhibitions on upcycling are available at the Gallery on 1F, Material Bank on B1, and Material Library on 2F
    - Education: Facilities tour, upcycling experiential education (for school-aged children and adults), lectures (for general public) are available year-round. (Register to participate on website)
    - Market: There is a flee market on the first weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of every month on the Upcycling Street and the grass field.
    - Upcycling Week: In celebration of the first anniversary of the opening of the Plaza that opened in September 2018, there are various festivities and seminars about upcycling.
    - Residential Facilities: On the 3rd and 4th floors of SUP, there are 32 upcycling studios, where various upcycling products are available. You can also watch upcycle products being created.

    Aside from such, there are exhibitions available on every floor of the Plaza, as well as caf?, stores, restaurant and terrace that anyone can visit and enjoy.
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    What is the difference between upcycling and recycling?
    Recycling is simply an act of re-using a product, or lengthening its life by tweaking the product. On the other hand, upcycling is an act beyond recycling, in which one adds designs, therefore values, and re-birthing the product. Literally, it is an act of up-cyling.

    When we recycle, we can minimize waste and create a resource cycle, but the products often drop in quality or cause environmental pollution. Upcycling is to add creative ideas to waste, adding designs and giving it a new societal and economic value and purpose.

    Recycling is great, but upcycling is even better.
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    What is upcycling? Please briefly provide an introduction regarding Seoul Upcycling Plaza.
    Upcycling is to add various new values to a product, giving it a new purpose for use. An example would be taking leather seats of a discarded car and making leather wallets out of it.

    The Seoul Upcycling Plaza is the world’s largest complex cultural space to educate, feature exhibits, and provide experiences on the idea of upcycling. This is also where companies and people interested in upcycling gather.

    By upcycling, we can reduce waste and through this cycle, we can minimize environmental pollution and protect the Earth.
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    Does the Seoul Upcycling Plaza open during weekends or holidays?
    Yes, the Plaza opens on Saturdays and Sundays.
    - Hours of Operation: Tues - Sun 10:00 - 18:00, closed on Mondays, Chuseok, and New Year’s Day.
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    How can we get to the Seoul Upcycling Plaza?
    The Seoul Upcycling Plaza is located in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.
    *Address: Seoul Upcycling Plaza, 49, Jadongchasijang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
    - Subway: 10 minute walk from Janghanpyeong Station Exit 8
    *Seoul share bikes available at Exit 8 of the Station
    - Shuttle Bus: Circulating shuttle bus stops at Janghanpyeong Station Exit 8, Dapsimni Station Exit 1, and Seoul Upcycling Plaza (every 30 minutes)
    *Hours of Operation 08:50 - 18:15, check website for more information
    - Bus: Get off at Junior Chamber stop, walk for 5 minutes
    - Driving: Search “Seoul Upcycling Plaza” on navigation
    *Parking: Access to B2 parking lot (limited spaces during festivals and events)
    *For more information, check "Directions” on website.
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    What facilities are available at Seoul Upcycling Plaza?
    The following facilities are available on each floor.
    - B2: Parking Lot
    - B1: Beautiful Store (Work Place), Material Bank
    - 1F: Gallery, Fab Caf?, Creator Studio (annex), Information Desk, Lobby
    - 2F: Material Library, Seongdong-gu Eco-Friendly Educational Center, Eco Party Mearry, TerraCycle, Outdoor Terrace
    - 3F: Residential Facilities, Cafe
    - 4F: Residential Facilities, Education Rooms, Conference Rooms
    - 5F: Operation Office, Restaurant, Conference Rooms
    *Please refer to the website for more information regarding each space.
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    How do I rent facilities at Seoul Upcycling Plaza?
    Posting regarding facility rentals will be available on the website, thus please refer to the Announcements section of the website.
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    What is the process and fees of facility rentals at Seoul Upcycling Plaza?
    There are no postings available as of May 2018, but we plan on recruiting in the second half of the year. Please refer to the Announcements section of the website for future rental postings.
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    What is the process and fees of renting a hall at the Plaza?
    Go on the website, choose Rent > Hall Rental on menu, check the Hall schedule, make a reservation. For more information on spaces and fees, check the Main Businesses - Hall on the menu and click the Hall Reservation Details page.
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